Kitchen Conversion Tables

Conversion Tables

So I just started my baking journey and I find some recipes to be difficult to understand, especially if the amount of ingredients are in grams instead of cups or spoons. So I scoured the world wide web to find these useful conversion tables. OVEN TEMPERATURES Fahrenheit Celcius 500°F 260°C 475°F 245°C 450°F 235°C 425°F 220°C […]

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Adobong Kangkong Recipe

Abodong Kangkong

If you’re looking for a simple vegetable dish then look no further than Adobong Kangkong. The main ingredient Water Spinach, known locally as Kangkong, is known to grow in watery areas whether intentional or not. So if you buy this at the market or grocery, make sure to clean them thoroughly. I wasn’t really planning […]

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Super Crunchy and Crispy Kangkong Chips

A little over a month ago, we attended a party for a christening and one of the foods served was crispy kangkong (water spinach) chips. It got my attention real fast. Please excuse my naïveté but I’ve never heard of this before. And true enough, it was very crispy indeed. The hubs also liked it and […]

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Jelly Flan Recipe

Jelly Flan

Jelly flan is a spin-off of the much-loved Filipino dessert, leche flan. What makes it different? The Jelly powder, of course. And, oh, it’s also much easier to make. I was kind of dubious when I first encountered this recipe but good thing I gave it the benefit of the doubt because it’s so delish. […]

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Talong (Eggplant) Steak

Talong (eggplant) steak is inspired by the Filipino favorite Beef steak or more popularly known as bistek. Hmmm, should I call it talongstek instead? Anyway, back to regular programming, This recipe I got from my mother-in-law. It’s so simple and so yummy that I had to do it for myself and have been cooking this for lunch […]

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Oh So Yummy Nutella Sandwich Nuggets


First things first, let me start this post with “Nutella is ❤”. Any snack with Nutella is a sure hit, not only with the kids but also with the kids-at-heart, and we have half a jar in the fridge that’s about to expire. Yikes! No-no-no-no, that cannot be but using it as a spread over and […]

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DIY Bib From Old Clothes

One day, my mom approached me and gave me 2 seemingly inauspicious pieces of cloth which turned out to be t-shirt sleeves. She told me I could turn them into bibs and I was like “DIY bib! Brilliant!” Why not, right? A set of three bibs costs around 150 Php at the mall–and that’s already […]

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