DIY Bib From Old Clothes

One day, my mom approached me and gave me 2 seemingly inauspicious pieces of cloth which turned out to be t-shirt sleeves. She told me I could turn them into bibs and I was like “DIY bib! Brilliant!” Why not, right? A set of three bibs costs around 150 Php at the mall–and that’s already cheap. 150 Php just for a fraction of a cloth? Uh-uh. That is unacceptable for this momma.

DIY Bib From Old Clothes

So, let’s get started with our budget-friendly DIY bib project.

  1. Start off with the deconstruction of the sleeves.
  2. Fold the deconstructed sleeves in the middle twice. Place the bib we are using as our pattern and trace it.  Make sure to leave some cloth for the string. About 3/4 to 1 inch and would do. I’ve already cut mine in this picture.
  3. Now, cut the cloth to form your bib.
  4. When you spread open the cloth you’ve cut, it should look something like this. And there should be two of them as seen on the next step.
  5. Next, we’re going to attach the two sides of the bib by placing the two cloths on top of each other and then sewing the sides. The reason why it should be double layered is so that it will be more absorbent. Why? Your baby will be drooling like a broken faucet, especially when he is teething. So the more layer the bib has, the more absorbent it will be. You may also opt to put a plastic film in the middle.
  6. After sewing the two sides together, flip it on the other side.
  7. Sew the edges at about 1/2 – 1 cm. This will make the body of your bib look prettier and more polished.
  8. The next step is to prepare the string that we will attach to the bib. Cut 3/4 – 1 inch strips from your ‘leftover’ cloth. The length of the cloth may not be enough so you will end up with 2 strips of cloth.
  9. Get the two strips of cloth on top of each other and cut the edges in diagonally.
  10. Place the two strips of cloth on top of each other, but this time one of the strip will be on a different angle and sew them together. When you flip the other strip of cloth, it should form a long strip. It might be a bit tricky doing it the first time so I suggest fastening it with a pin first to see if it properly aligns. Mine came out not so perfect because I cut the other strip of cloth a little too small. But no matter, I can still work with it. Don’t worry. There’s logic to this madness.  Attaching two strips of cloth this way helps prevent pulling and eventually ripping of the seams.
  11. Find the middle of both the body and string of your bib and mark them.
  12. Attach the strip of cloth that is to be the string to one side of the body of the bib with pins.
  13. Sew them together. Try to keep the seam at half a cm only. You’ll know why in a bit.
  14. If you notice the seams were we sewed the two parts of the bib together looks wrinkly. To avoid any pulling of the cloth when we flip it over to the other side, you can make a small cut where a pulling might occur. Be careful that you do not cut the seam — because that would be counterproductive — and disastrous.
  15. Flip the strip of cloth to the other side and fold it. Secure with a pin and continue folding the strip of cloth to create your string. Sew from one edge of the string to the other and you’re done!
  16. Behold. The finished product.

Of course I was so proud of what I’ve accomplished that I immediately showed it to my mom. And her response…

…was to give me more old clothes to turn into bibs. Sooooo if you don’t hear from me anytime soon, I’m still probably making bibs. T_T

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