Mock Neck Shirts For Women: How To Fit Them Into Your Wardrobe

When you want to create a comfortable, casual wardrobe, you might choose mock neck shirts. However, there are several ways to wear mock neck shirts. Plus, you can add mock neck shirts to your business attire if you know how to dress for the occasion. There are a few tips below that will make it easier for you to use mock neck shirts when you are dressing up for the day

Mock Neck Shirts Are Warm

When you are going out to run a few errands, you can throw on a mock neck shirt because it is warm. Plus, you can wear these shirts without a bra because they have a loose fit. You can wear these shirts with a jacket, or you can drape them over denim before you leave the house.

Mock Neck Shirts Are Colorful

You can wear a bold color as your only accent piece when you leave the house, and the mock neck will draw attention to your face instead of your body. This is a good way to get dressed if you want to be bold without wearing form-=fitted clothes. However, there are times when mock neck shirts work well when fitted to your body.

The Mock Neck Bodysuit

You can get a tight mock neck shirt or mock neck bodysuit to wear under a suit jacket. This could be the sexy look you are going for when you go on a date, or you might wear these shirts under a suit jacket when you go to work. You will stun everyone around you when you take your jacket off, and you will feel confident because the shirt flatters your body.

However, you are not calling attention to any specific part of your body because the mock neck shirt covers so much. This is a good way to be modest while still wearing clothes that make you feel confident about your body.

The Mock Neck Athletic Shirt Is Great For The Gym

You might have chosen tights and a sports bra to wear to the gym, but you need something to wear over your workout clothes. A mock neck shirt is the perfect option because it is stylish, covers you, and helps you stay warm after you get done with your workout. You do not want to feel like you are freezing if you are sweating after you have cooled down, and the mock neck shirt will keep you warm.

Plus, a mock neck shirt drapes over your body in a way that leaves a bit to the imagination. You have tights on, and people can clearly see that you work hard at the gym. However, the mock neck shirt makes you look mysterious because it does not fit your body tightly.

Mock Neck Shirts Are Easy

You can wear mock neck shirts under your business suits if you want to stay warm, and the mock neck collar looks professional. Plus, you can wear these mock neck shirts when you going to something that is a little bit formal. These shirts are not so formal that you feel overdressed, but you will look respectfully-dressed at the same time.


When you are shopping for mock neck shirts, you will find that they can fulfill several needs in your wardrobe. You can wear these shirts to work, or you can wear them to run errands around town. Plus, you can wear these shirts when you want to stay warm in the winter, to cover up at the gym, or to match your suits when you get ready for work in the morning.