Modest swimwear for Muslim women

Spending a day at the beach or swimming pool can be highly relaxing and even good exercise. However, most swimwear is not targeted with modesty in mind. For a Muslim woman, this can make shopping for swimwear difficult.

It is, however, not impossible. More and more swimwear designers are becoming conscious of the need to design swimwear that is suitable for all people and are beginning to design swimwear with Muslim women in mind.

What Designs Are Available?

In order to cover a woman’s entire body, there are multiple swimwear options available, in a variety of styles.

Full Body, Skirt, & Hijab

This style is ideal for Muslim women looking for a conservative swimsuit. Finding a suit composed of a mix between Nylon and Spandex can provide the optimum sun and water protection.

These suits allow the breathability necessary to endure the water on a hot summer day while remaining modest. Complete with a Hijab that is optimized for swimming, as well as a loose-fitting, longer top as well as loose pants, this suit allows women to swim comfortably without being worried about their suit.

Tracksuit Style

This suit is one of the hippest designs out there. Designed with an athleisure style, this suit brings to mind an Adidas or Nike jumpsuit that is optimized for the water. This is a win-win, keeping one looking stylish without sacrificing coverage.

Complete with a Hijab that conforms to the scalp, there is no need to worry about slippage in the water. The top is designed with a track jacket in mind, with lines running down the side and a long, jacket-like bottom covering the length of the upper-thigh.

With loose, track pant-like bottoms to match, this is one of the chicest suit options out there.

Bodysuit Style

While some of these styles may run as slightly less modest, this option still works to completely cover the body of the woman wearing it. Be sure to look for an option that best fits your personal comfort level. Running from head to toe, some of these options come with a skirt that allows one to look fashionable while still remaining covered.

Additionally, these suits should come with a Hijab that is suitable for the water.

Two-Piece Top & Bottom

Some of the cutest, most casual sets of swimwear for Muslim women out there feature a cute matching top and bottom. The top should almost reach the length of a dress, while the bottoms may resemble leggings or tights. These suits provide a great deal of mobility. Women who are looking to exercise in their suits will likely find themselves to be the most satisfied with a style such as this.

There Are More Options Than Ever

There are more swimsuit options out there than ever. A simple search for swimwear for Muslim women should provide women with a volley of appropriate options out there. Be sure to choose a style that best fits your own personal style, as well as affords you the mobility and breathability necessary in a quality swimsuit.